Health among lesbian and bisexual women in Norway

Project Department: Uni Research Health (group: Research Unit for General Practice in Bergen) period: 01.01.14 - 31.12.14

Project results

Health status for heterosexual, lesbian and bisexual women is mostly comparable, although there are some differences

  • Among lesbian and bisexual women, the proportion with psychological problems is larger than among heterosexual women. This is probably due to minority stress – the surplus strain associated with minority status.
  • Bisexuality is still almost invisible in the Norwegian society.



Potential explanations

  • Minority stress may develop when lesbian and bisexual women are uncertain about whether their sexual orientation is recognized by others.
  • Minority stress may develop when bisexuality is almost invisible.
  • Minority stress may present with different shape and meaning for lesbian and bisexual women.

About the project

The project was initiated by the Directorate for Children, Youth, and Family Affairs (Bufdir), the governmental office for the welfare and protection of children and families on behalf of the Norwegian government to strengthen the base of knowledge about health among lesbian and bisexual women (LB-women) in Norway.

The aim of this report was to

  • Review existing research about health among LB-women
  • Explore differences and similarities in health among LB-women compared to heterosexual women in Norway regarding disclosure, general health, mental health and suicidal behavior, sexually transmitted infections, health behaviors, participation in preventive screening programs, health care utilization and experiences
  • Identify vulnerable subgroups among LB-women in Norway
  • Suggest interventions supposed to improve health conditions among LB-women in Norway.

Point of departure for analysis were these sources of knowledge:

  • Literature review
  • Summary, synthesis and further analysis of relevant health data from our survey about sexual orientation and living conditions 2013
  • Qualitative study about lesbian women and Pap smear




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