Earth System Modelling - ESM

Project Department: Uni Research Climate (group: Climate Variability) period: 01.07.09 - 30.06.15

About the project

This project comprises three interrelated process-oriented research themes:

Theme 1 - Geodynamics and topography - addresses links and feedbacks between tectonics, surface processes, climate and large scale deformation in space and time. Furthermore, on quantification, by the application of numerical modelling, of how the lithosphere controls formation and destruction topography in rift zones and on volcanic and non-volcanic passive margins.

Theme 2 - Source-to-sink (S2S) - focuses on developing a new generation of basin studies incorporating erosion, transport and deposition from catchment to deep basin; the exploration implications of considering the reservoir-forming depositional units as parts of an integrated, complete erosional-depositional S2S system; and quantification and modelling of the S2S processes by links to Theme 1 and by dating methods.

Theme 3 - Paleoclimate modelling and the geological consequences - focuses on further development and refinement of paleoclimate models integrating the full biogeochemical cycle, including the carbon cycle; and applying such models to study and quantify the effects of regional and global geological events on climate and the deposition of carbonates.