CINEFOGO. Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe - the Making of European Citizenship

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre period: 01.09.05 - 30.08.10

About the project

CINEFOGO is an EU-financed Network of Excellence, which seeks to improve the understanding of social and democratic processes, citizenship and democratic participation in Europe. The focus is on active citizenship (promote citizens’ involvement and social participation in policy-making), organized civil society (understand the impact of different forms of citizenship and civic participation), and multiple identities (identify factors that help co-existence of multiple identities in Europe). Rokkansenteret is actively involved in the following Work Packages in CINEFOGO: "National Identity and Its Relationship to Citizenship", "Differences in Social Participation and Civic Culture across Europe" and "The Normative implications of new forms of participation for democratic policy processes". The network consists of more than 35 universities and research institutes in 15 European countries, and includes more than 150 individual researchers.