Diversity in the Norwegian news media-landscape: A hybrid model for evaluating media policy. NFR 230744

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (group: Health and Welfare ) period: 01.08.18 - 31.12.18

About the project

The project "Diversity in the Norwegian News Media Landscape: A Hybrid Model for Evaluating Media Policy" is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and led by media researcher Helle Sjøvaag at the Department of Information and Media Studies at the University of Bergen.

Until 2019, the project will collect large amounts of data (so-called big data) from Norwegian news media to establish to what extent the Norwegian media market can be said to be diverse according to Norwegian media regulation. The project will thus develop methods and theories to assess what can be described as diversity, how to measure diversity and whether media regulation is able to ensure diversity in Norwegian newsflora. All in all, the project will collect data from around 150 unique news editions at local, regional and national level in Norway. Ultimately, the project will result in a number of publications analyzing the evolution of Norwegian journalism, the newspaper industry's living conditions, the interaction between various publishing platforms and the diversity of Norwegian news journalism on the web, paper, mobile, and broadcasting.

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