Experiment with measures for increased election participation

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (group: Health and Welfare ) period: 01.02.17 - 01.06.18

About the project

In this project, measures will be tested that can help increase the electoral participation, and measure the impact of these experiments, both in general and in groups which have low electoral participation.

The hope is that the project will provide knowledge that enables the electoral authorities with greater certainty to choose the measures that work in general and towards individual groups.

The experiments that will be carried out in this project will have a design that compares them with the experiments that have been carried out in previous projects.

In connection with the parliamentary elections in 2015, various attempts were made to see if they helped increase the electoral participation in groups with low electoral participation, such as youth and citizens with immigrant backgrounds.

In this follow-up project, experiments will also be conducted using letters equivalent to those used in 2015, but with some adjustments related to who receive the letters, as well as the sender. It will also be carried out experiments using SMS-reminders, similar to those conducted in 2015.

Client: Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

Contract party: Institute for Social Research



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