Ageing at home: Innovation in home-based elderly care in rural parts of Northern Norway.

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (group: Society, Environment and Culture) period: 07.01.16 - 31.12.18

About the project

The project will examine the challenges and opportunities for home-based care for the elderly in rural areas to strengthen ongoing innovation in the sector.

Based on home visits and interviews with elderly people who receive home-based care, the experiences with aging, health and care, with emphasis on the meanings of "home" and the value of remaining in familiar surroundings will be examined.

Based on interviews with employees in health and care services, the roles and responsibilities for formal caregivers in home care in rural areas, their cooperation with informal caregivers and the use of various forms of technology to supplement the care work will be studied. In addition, relatives are interviewed about their role in caring for family members.

Based on interviews with leaders in the care sector in our cooperation municipalities, interviews with people from the voluntary sector, as well as data from other parts of the project, the researchers will propose innovative solutions for improving the quality of services in home-based care for the elderly in rural areas.

Client: RFF Northern Norway
Contract party: University of Tromsø - Arctic university.of Norway
Partners in cooperation:
KUN Center for Knowledge and Equality.
Tana municipality
Steigen municipality



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