Empirical investigation of the effects of carbon pricing on emissions under cap-and-trade and taxation systems

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (group: Society, Environment and Culture) period: 01.08.16 - 31.08.17

About the project

Emission pricing is seen by most economists as the most cost-efficient mitigation instrument, since the cheapest abatement options are implemented while expensive mitigation options are postponed. At the same time, the 1,5-degree aspirational target, agreed in Paris in 2015, requires that more or less all GHG emissions must cease within few decades, a goal thus not limited to the lowest-cost emissions only.

Carbon emission pricing is spreading across the globe, and is likely to constitute at least a broad-based, background signal from many governments that GHG emissions need to be reduced.

This project will examine the trends in carbin pricing across the globe, and build a database with annual information on carbon price levels, sectors covered, and emissions.The database will be available online.

Funding source: Norwegian Research Council