Coordination, Capacity and Legitimacy: Organizing for Climate Change, Immigration, and the Police (COCAL)

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (group: Democracy, Civil Society and Public Administration) period: 01.10.16 - 30.09.19

About the project

Govenments across the world are struggling to deal with wicked policy problems, such as climate change, immigration and organizing the police. This research project will investigate novel coordination measures in these three policy areas. What characterizes government coordination measures within these policy areas, how can we explain them, and what are the consequences of introducing novel coordination tools alongside existing coordination means for governance capacity and legitimacy?

COCAL highlights the importance of organizational capacity through the coordination of public resources, decision-making systems and governance tools, and underscores the relevance of governance legitimacy by examining perceptions, attitudes and trust relations towards such coordination arrangements. The core argument is that institutional context features at country- and sector-level affect coordination practices and thereby organizational capacity and legitimacy. The project provides sector-specific analyses and cross-sectoral comparisons, contrasting Norway primarily with Sweden and other countries in selected areas.

The research will concentrate on four central issues. First, what kind of novel coordination arrangements have emerged, and what separates them from pre-existing coordination means, second, how these coordination arrangements function, third, why these new practices have appeared, and fourth, what are the effects on decision-making, policy formulation and implementation with respect to governance capacity and legitimacy.

Funding source: The Research Council of Norway
Cooperating Partners: Uppsala University, Södertörn Högskola and Lulea University of Technology, dept. of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences.

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