Lost in Transition: Governance, Management and Organization of Policy Programs to Improve Completion of Upper Secondary Education

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (groups: Society, Environment and Culture, Democracy, Civil Society and Public Administration) period: 01.09.14 - 30.06.19

About the project

The project intends to catch the complexity of Norwegian and European dropout policy by approaching it from different angles through four work packages (WP).

WP 1 "Action taken: which, how and by whom?" will give a systematic overview on how school governors and individual lower/upper secondary schools initiate/carry through measures in order to increase the completion rate by identifying the main policy design variables (measures, resources, actors involved).

WP 2 "Governing and organizing for transition. Changed accountability relations for dropout?" will explore the relation between different governing levels (inter-organizational implementation process variables) in implementing national, regional and local dropout policy programs by examining forms and processes of accountabilities connected to the implementation of drop out policy in selected local contexts.

WP 3: "Experiences with (policy) initiated measures at school level" will explore the intra organizational implementation process variables in order to explain which and why different dropout programs is concidered successful or not by interviewing school leaders, teachers, pupils and other relevant actors at school level (both lower and upper secondary schools)

WP 4: "Comparing dropout policies in Europe" will be organized as a network cooperation between the project group and researchers from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece. The aim of this WP is to establish a network and an arena for developing a common scientific publication on dropout challenges in Europe and how these are met in the different national contexts. 

Funding source: The Norwegian Research Council

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