Reshaping the Map of Local and Regional Self-Government. A study of the Norwegian Local Government Reform (NLGR) processes 2014-2019 (255111)

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (group: Democracy, Civil Society and Public Administration) period: 01.02.16 - 31.12.19

About the project

How should the municipal map be like?

The Norwegian Municipality reform is experiencing its most exciting phase. By July 1, the municipalities are obligated to decide whether they want to merge with other minicipalities, and if so with whom. The new municipal and county / region map will be determined by national politicians during 2017.

A large group of scientists, led by Uni Research Rokkansenteret, will observe the municipalitiy reform until the end of 2019, when most local mergers are scheduled to be completed.

Funding source: Norwegian Research Council.

Cooperating partners

  • Institute for Social Research, Oslo
  • University of Oslo
  • University of Bergen
  • Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR) , Oslo
  • KORA, the Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research
  • University og Aarhus
  • Also University of Aabo and the University college in Sogn & Fjordane

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