Uni Climate carries out research into the climate of the past, present and future

Uni Climate’s particular strength is:

  • understanding climate
  • climate modelling
  • scenarios for future climate development
  • quantifications of climate changes

Uni Climate has an international profile, with main focus on Northern Europe and the Polar-areas.

Climate Variability

The Uni Climate Variability group work on characterizing natural climate variability and understanding the mechanisms and forcings responsible for establishing different climate states and causing transitions to new climate states.

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Climate Dynamics

The Climate Dynamics group focuses on development and use of global and regional climate models aiming to increase our understanding of climate variability
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The Biogeochemistry group focuses on chemical cycles which play a major role in the climate system, have strong impact on the oceans biological activity, or are impacted by water mass formation and ocean circulation.
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Research Services

Department Information

  • Leader
    Research Director
    Trond Dokken

    Phone: +47 55 58 98 01
    Mobil: + 47 975 64 402