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Research field: microalgae (strain improvement, cultivation and harvesting of microalgae, techno-economic and life cycle assessment studies of the microalgae production chain).

Projects: CO2FOOD, Algae2Future, MIRACLES, Cost action EUALGAE

Competence: We focus on industrial application of microalgae, for various applications such as feed for e.g. aquaculture, food products and chemicals. Our ambition is to develop a commercial and sustainable production chain for food, feed, and chemicals from microalgae. We work on bioprospecting, strain selection and optimization, and microalgae cultivation, both at lab and at pilot scale. For bioprospecting, we make use of the interesting inhabitants of the local fjords and cold coastal waters, looking for species high in omega-3 fatty acids and other interesting components. For the most promising species, we work on process optimization in the lab, and the further scaling up to our pilot plant where we can produce 100’s of kilos of biomass for further processing and testing. Most of our research projects are interdisciplinary, aiming at the integration of the full production and processing chain of microalgae into final products, including the use of waste streams as nutrient sources.





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