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  • Kolstad, Erik Wilhelm Extreme winds in the Nordic Seas: polar lows and Arctic fronts in a changing climate. Universitetet i Bergen 2007.

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  • Neby, Simon; Kolstad, Erik Wilhelm Hvor er vi med klimaservice?. 2018.
  • Li, Lu; Pontoppidan, Marie Louise Nielsen; Engeland, Kolbjørn; Kolstad, Erik Wilhelm ASSESSMENT OF THE REGIONAL FUTURE PROJECTIONS OF FLOOD IN NORWAY BY PALEOCLIMATE DATA. 2018.
  • Pontoppidan, Marie Louise Nielsen; Kolstad, Erik Wilhelm; Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter; King, Martin Peter; Stiller-Reeve, Mathew Alexander Precipitation in Norway Results from a convective permitting simulation. 2018.
  • Stiller-Reeve, Mathew Alexander; Kvamsås, Hanna; Kolstad, Erik Wilhelm; Neby, Simon; Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter; Waage, Snorre; Wanvik, Tarje Iversen A hackathon-like workshop to inspire dialogue and find solutions to improve climate services in Norway. 2018.
  • Kolstad, Erik Wilhelm Brent jord. 2018.
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