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  • Mesquita, Michel d. S.; Erikstad, Kjell E; Sandvik, Hanno; Barrett, Robert T; Reiertsen, Tone; Anker-Nilssen, Tycho; Hodges, Kevin I.; Bader, Jürgen There is more to climate than the North Atlantic Oscillation: a new perspective from climate dynamics to explain the variability in population growth rates of a long-lived seabird. I: Climate Change and Marine Top Predators. Lausanne, Switzerland: Frontiers Media 2016 ISBN 978-2-88919-736-1.. sider 75-88

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  • Mesquita, Michel d. S.; Erikstad, Kjell E; Reiertsen, Tone; Burr, Zofia New tools to understand climate-ecology interactions: lessons from seabird studies. 2017.
  • Burr, Zofia; Varpe, Øystein; Descamps, Sebastien; Anker-Nilssen, Tycho; Reiertsen, Tone Kristin; Erikstad, Kjell E; Boulinier, Thierry; Ponchon, Aurore; Barrett, Robert T; Myksvoll, Mari Skuggedal; Moe, Børge; Vikebø, Frode Bendiksen; Mesquita, Michel d. S. Timing of reproduction in seabirds: large-scale comparisons, and links to population dynamics, climate and lower trophic levels. 2017.
  • Mesquita, Michel d. S. C-ICE project meeting goals and updates. 2017.
  • Mesquita, Michel d. S. Analysis of an Antarctic sea ice index: what are the observations telling us?. 2017.
  • Machineni, Nehru; Veldore, Vidyunmala; Mesquita, Michel d. S.; Vivacqua, Carla Design of Experiments to improve the forecasting of Bay of Bengal storms. 2017.
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