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Dr. Simon MacKenzie obtained his PhD at the University of St. Andrews, UK and currently holds the position of Reader in Marine Biotechnology at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, UK.

His research interests are anchored in immunology and the evolution of the immune response across the vertebrates. Recent research addresses how environmental conditions, particularly temperature, modulate the plasticity of the immune response and drive adaptive variation in both cultured and wild fish populations. An integrative suite of methods are employed both experimental and theoretical spanning across the fields of behavioural ecology, evolutionary biology and immunity underpinned by state of the art genomics.  Over the past 15 years his research team has contributed with >90 papers spanning multiple aspects of immunity, welfare and disease in fish with an underpinning focus upon transcriptomic regulation.

Recent work focuses upon different aspects of immunity including: 1) antigen presentation and Toll-like receptor diversity and function in the Atlantic Cod, 2) the impact of smoltification upon neuroplasticity in salmon, 3) the development of on-site diagnostic systems for aquaculture and 4) how individual variation (animal personality) impacts upon disease susceptibility and selection.

Prof. MacKenzie assists Integrative Fish Biology Group with development of innovation tools and proposals associated with fish physiology and immunology, contributing this way to strategic initiatives of the group and supporting molecular research within the group.



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