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Alle publikasjoner

  • Iovino, D; Straneo, Fiammetta; Spall, MA On the effect of a sill on dense water formation in a marginal sea. 2008.
  • Nordli, Øyvind; Nesje, Atle; Lie, Øyvind Norwegian farmers' diaries used for quality control and calibration of early instrumental observations, and for temperature reconstructions. 2008.
  • Orre, Steinar Circulation features in the northern North Atlantic Ocean inferred from simulated radioactive tracers. 2008.
  • Schulz, M; Berger, W. H.; Jansen, Eystein Listening to glaciers. 2008.
  • Su, J.; Wang, H.; Yang, H.; Drange, Helge; Gao, Yongqi; Bentsen, Mats Role of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Circulation in the Tropical Pacific SST Changes. 2008.