Prosjekt Avdeling: Uni Research Computing (gruppe: Environmental Flow Group)

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The STEMM-CCS (Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage) is an Horizon 2020 European project aiming to deliver new insights, guidelines for best practice, and tools for all phases of the CO2 storage cycle at offshore CCS sites.
The key objectives of the project are:

  • to produce new tools and techniques for environmental monitoring as well as CO2 emission monitoring, quantification and assessment
  •  to generate new knowledge of the reservoir overburden by direct investigation of natural geological and manmade features
  •  to deliver the first CCS demonstration project level implementation of an ecological baseline, incorporating geochemical and biological variability
  • to promote knowledge transfer to industrial and regulatory stakeholders and local and international communities

The Environmental Flow Group is involved in the Work Package 2, "Baseline Studies for CCS sites", which will deliver best practice methodologies and tools for baseline environmental monitoring relevant to offshore CCS. Spatial and temporal variability at all relevant scales with respect to physical, chemical and biological parameters will be determined.
Specific objectives of this Work Package are:

  1.  design and implement an effective environmental baseline survey
  2.  identify appropriate biological and chemical indices of impact, suitable for industrial-scale application above CCS sites
  3.  use modelling approaches to extend spatially and temporally limited field observation data to support a comprehensive environmental baseline



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