National Dugnad: Goals, Guidelines & Policy (SLATE)

Prosjekt Avdeling: Uni Research Computing (gruppe: Senter for Big Data Analyse)

Om prosjektet

This project is part of the cluster "BIG and SMALL DATA in Education" established in the research center SLATE. It aims at initiating a broad national discussion [1] about essential questions related to Big Data, Learning Analytics, and Educational Data Mining, their role in the educational system, and pedagogical, philosophical, ethical, juridical and cultural issues related to big data in education. The effort will be organised and lead by SLATE, but will require close collaboration (e.g., meetings,workshops, etc.) between national stakeholders (e.g. Ministry of Education, Education Directorate, IKTNorge [2], IKT-Senteret [3], KS [4], Rectors, Teachers, Researchers etc.). To this end, SLATE seeks to bring together a broad spectrum of stakeholders from academia, industry, the educational sector, and government (to be identified early in the first year) to critically reflect over issues related to Big Data in Education. The aim is to develop a national research and innovation agenda on Big Data in Education for the future.

Potential issues to be addressed are:

  • what data is available in Norway
  • where is it stored, now and possibilities in the future
  • what is being analysed, by whom
  • how can big data improve pedagogy, educational decision-making
  • possibilities and risks with exchange of data
  • philosophical, cultural, juridical, and ethical issues related to the prevention of abuse of usage information from students, instructors and institutions.


  • Consortium (identify stakeholder & meetings/workshops) and develop/feed into guidelines and policies, including an ethical framework
  • National research agenda and innovation plan
  • National collaborations on a technical level
  • Data research and services


  • Guidelines and policies, including an ethical framework, for Norwegian educational big data
  • National research agenda and innovation plan for educational data


[1] "dugnad" = national collaboration involving relevant stakeholders

[2] IKTNorge = interest group for the Norwegian Information and Communications Technology industry

[3] IKT-Senteret = the Norwegian Centre for Information and Communications Technology in Education

[4] KS = Kommunenes Sentralforbund: Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities

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