Bergen Marine Biobank

Prosjekt Avdeling: Uni Research Miljø (gruppe: Anvendt Bioteknologi) periode: 01.08.12 - 30.11.14

Om prosjektet

Establishing Bergen Marine Biobank as a national biobank resource in the Norwegian Marine Biobank Network

This project aims to establish Bergen Marine Biobank (BMB) based on the unique marine collections located at the University of Bergen (UoB). UoB has supported research in polar research and marine science extensively over the last decades, covering a broad range of research disciplines and achieved international recognition. An extensive research cruise activity from Bergen over the years have led to accumulation of valuable isolates of microorganisms and microalgae of great national interest as a source for bioprospecting projects. Both Centre for Geobiology and Department of Biology at UoB have unique expertise in handling, growing and isolating the microorganisms and will contribute with their competence to the BMB. Alltogether, the collections of extremophiles and microalgae in Bergen will be a valuable contribution to complement the overall national collection coordinated by MarBank. BMB will be strongly integrated with MarBank, and operate in synergy with the national coordinating node.

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