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Uni Research is a broadly based, multidisciplinary research institute with 440 highly-qualified employees from 34 different nations. Uni Research carries out research and development in the fields of biotechnology, health, environment, climate, energy and social sciences.

The Institute comprises six thematic departments and one subsidiary, Uni Research Polytec.


Uni Research's history started with the foundation Universitetsforskning Bergen in 1986. In 2003 the academic activity was spun off into a limited company called UNIFOB Ltd. In 2009 the name of the company was changed to Uni Research Ltd. 

The University of Bergen is the main shareholder with 85 percent of the shares, while the foundation Universitetsforskning Bergen owns the remaining 15 percent. The company's purpose is non-profit; the shareholders are not allowed to withdraw surplus.

The subsidiary Uni Research Polytec Ltd was established in 2015. Uni Research Ltd owns 51% and The Foundation Polytec owns 49% of the shares.  

Uni Research has most of the employees located in Bergen, Uni Research Polytec has its main operation in Haugesund.

Key Figures

:: 440 employees   :: 600 research projects

:: 75% of the scientists have PhD degrees :: 34 nations

Sources of Income

:: 400 MNOK in turnover   

:: The Research Council 28%   :: Public Sector 39%   :: Private Sector 20%  

:: Internasjonal 6%   :: Basic Funding 6%

Key figures includes Uni Research Polytec

Organization and Management

Uni Research comprises six departments and the subsidiary Uni Research Polytec

Managing Director is responsible for the daily operations, and each department is headed by a Research Director.

Uni Research’s Board

The board of Uni Research Ltd consists of ten members. Six of its members are elected by the shareholders, while four members are elected by and among the employees.

  • Tore Furevik (Chairman) - University of Bergen
  • Karl Harald Søvig (Deputy Chairman) - University of Bergen
  • Gunn Mangerud - University of Bergen
  • Nina Langeland - University of Bergen
  • Birte Iren Grotle - BKK
  • Bjart Nygaard – Self-employed 
  • Rune Rolvsjord - Uni Research
  • Tone Morken - Uni Research
  • Benedicte Carlsen - Uni Research 
  • Aud Irene Steffensen Fjæreide - Uni Research 


  • Arno Vigmostad - Fagbokforlaget
  • Alice Kvåle - University of Bergen 
  • Johan Myking - Universitetet i Bergen 
  • Hanne Fosheim - Uni Research
  • Carin Andersson Dahl - Uni Research
  • Christofer Troedsson - Uni Research 

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Uni Research participates at several research centres:

The Bjerknes Centre The Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research is the largest climate research centre in the Nordic countries and among the leading centres in Europe.

Centre for Research-based Innovation

CtrlAQUA The centre will develop technological and biological innovations to make closed-containment aquaculture systems (CCS) a reliable and economically viable technology within aquaculture.

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