Research Area: Environment

Our research on aquaculture results in innovations and helps to create solutions for the bioeconomy of the future – a reduced environmental footprint and new growth for trade and industry.

We conduct research on the knowledge relating to the green shift and the circular economy which is required in order to resolve the challenges facing the aquaculture industry, the authorities and local fish farms.

We investigate to see how the fish farming industry could become more sustainable, with better fish welfare, and simultaneously be able to grow. We are world leaders in respect of our research on closed systems, our investigations into how fish farming impacts on wild salmon and how to protect sustainable stocks of wild fish.
We examine changes in different types of marine environments: in rivers and fjords. As regards the fjord systems in the Bergen area, we have data series which date back 30 years and which are being used for modelling ocean currents in order to facilitate the optimal placement of fish farms and identify the right times for undertaking delousing operations.

We contribute towards new research-based technologies for environmental monitoring and we implement measures such as environment-based flood protection.


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