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  • Graven, Andreas R.; Lee, Hanna; Christiansen, Casper Tai Når den evige frosten tiner, må forskerne vite konsekvensene. 2018.
  • Christiansen, Casper Tai; Rønn, Regin; Blok, Daan; Elberling, Bo; Lee, Hanna; Michelsen, Anders Does deciduous shrub growth enhance decomposition rates in Arctic tundra?. 2018.
  • Slettebø, Isak; Lee, Hanna; Christiansen, Casper Tai Peak-summer CO2 balance in a thawing permafrost peat mire in northern Norway. 2018.
  • Christiansen, Casper Tai; Westermann, Sebastian; Risk, David; Lee, Hanna Advancing permafrost carbon climate feedback – improvements and evaluations of the Norwegian Earth System Model with observations. 2018.
  • McDonald, Renee; Christiansen, Casper Tai; Lee, Hanna; Risk, David Development and validation of an autonomous measurement system for CO2 and CH4 from discontinuous permafrost. 2018.
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