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I am Senior Research Advisor and research coordinator at the Environment Department of Uni Research, working on strategic development of the department and cross-cutting initiatives in the company. My 20-year experience as researcher, activity leader and project coordinator of EU projects (since FP4, 15 projects, 2 coordinations) makes me also endorse a role of EU consultant.

My multidisciplinary scientific background covers marine biology, physical oceanography, Earth observation, signal/image processing and data analysis and modelling. I have applied these competences to different marine related challenges over the years, e.g. HAB detection and warning, coastal processes and integrated environmental assessment, CO2 storage,  among others. One aspect linking the different aspect of my research has been  marine monitoring technologies and innovative ways of observing the ocean; from space to seabed, and from physical to bio-based sensor technology.

I am presently leading activities on long-term impact, innovation and sustainability of marine Research Infrastructure in Europe (science strategy, governance model, economical evaluation and model and roadmaps to the future) in the H2020 INFRAIA-JERICO-NEXT and INFRAIA-AQUACOSM projects. I am also a member of the scientific and technological advisory board of H2020-BRIDGES (applications of glider technology) and FP7-FixO3, and a scientific advisor for the French navy.

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