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The main focus of my work has been to explore how behavior can affect functional relationship between predator and prey. This has often involved working with early life stages of fish (mainly cod and herring) and their vertical behavior either experimentally or with field work.

My doctorate work mainly focused on experimentally testing hypothesis about how and if larval fish (Cod (Gadus morhua) and Herring (Clupea harengus)) can sense and respond to physical gradients of light, temperature and prey. I used a combination of experimental work (vertical columns and 3D-silouette video), field work (vertical stratified sampling) and modeling (Individual Based Models) to elucidate the importance of external and internal stimuli on the individual behavioural response, and how such potential behaviour will manifest itself in growth, survival and  distribution. I am also interested in general behavioral ecology and have worked experimentally with sticklebacks and pacific herring.

I am currently involved in a project that document the potential effect of salmon lice on wild populations of salmonids. We use a combination of direct observation of salmon lice on wild fish and plankton tows together with documentation on the status of the population from counts of spawning stock in rivers. We also involve oceanographic modellers and use video and acoustic transmitter to document the migration and behavior of fish at different ontogenetic stages.


PhD in Fisheries Ecology

Title: Behavioral flexibility at early life stages of fish
University of Bergen, Dept. Biol., N-5020 Bergen
Supervisors: A. Folkvord and Ø. Fiksen
Committee: R.S. Batty, P. Munk, R. Rosland

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Selected peer-reviewed articles:


Vollset, K.W., Fiksen, Ø., Folkvord, A. (2009) Vertical distribution of larval cod (Gadus morhua) in experimental temperature gradients. J. Exp. Mar. Biol Ecol. 379, 16:22. doi:10.1016/j.jembe.2009.08.013


Vollset, K.W., O. Seljeset, Ø. Fiksen & A. Folkvord (2009). A common garden experiment of larval Northeast Arctic and Norwegian coastal cod cohorts in replicated mesocosms. Deep Sea Research II. 56: 1984-1991. doi:10.1016/j.dsr2.2008.11.009

Folkvord, A., Ø. Fiksen, H. Høie, A. Johannessen, E. Otterlei & K.W. Vollset (2009). Growth strategies in fish larvae: what can cohort analyses and size ogives tell us?  Scientia Marina. Scientia Marina 74 (S1): 119-130. doi:10.3989/scimar.2009.73s1119

Seljeset, O., K.W. Vollset, A. Folkvord & A.J. Geffen (2010). The role of prey concentration and size range in the growth and survival of larval cod. Mar. Biol. Res. 3: 251-262. doi: 10.1080/17451000903150355

Vollset, K.W., Folkvord A., Browman H. (2011) Foraging behaviour of larval cod (Gadus morhua) at low light intensities. Marine Biology. doi: 10.1007/s00227-011-1635-5

Vollset, K.W., Bailey K.M. (2011) Interplay of individual interactions and turbidity affects the functional response of sticklebacks. Journal of Fish Biology.

Catalan, I., Vollset, K.W., Moralez-Nin, B., Folkvord (Accepted) Effect of temperature gradients and stomach fullness on the vertical distribution of larval herring in experimental columns. J. Exp. Mar. Biol Ecol.

Hunsicker, M. et al. (Submitted) Functional responses and scaling in marine predator-prey interactions: contemporary issues and emerging concepts. Ecology letters.

Vollset, K.W., Catalan, I., Moralez-Nin, B., Folkvord (in prep) Effect of temperature gradients and stomach fullness on the vertical distribution of larval cod in experimental columns.



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  • Vollset, Knut Wiik Wild salmon smolt and salmon lice. 2017.
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