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  • Li, Lu; Pontoppidan, Marie Louise Nielsen; Engeland, Kolbjørn; Kolstad, Erik Wilhelm ASSESSMENT OF THE REGIONAL FUTURE PROJECTIONS OF FLOOD IN NORWAY BY PALEOCLIMATE DATA. 2018.
  • Li, Lu; Pontoppidan, Marie Louise Nielsen Reproduce Severe October Flood event in Western Norway 2014 by a Fully Coupled Atmosphere-Hydrological Modelling System. 2018.
  • Li, Lu; Pontoppidan, Marie Louise Nielsen Reproduce 2014 Flood Event at Voss, Western Norway by a coupled atmosphere-hydrological model system. 2017.
  • Eidhammer, Trude; Rasmussen, Roy; Gochis, David; Bariage, Mike; Li, Lu; Nesje, Atle; Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter Coupling of a Detailed Snow Model to WRF-Hydro for Glacier Mass Balance and Glacier Runoff Studies. 2017.
  • Li, Lu; Gochis, David; Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter; Mesquita, Michel d. S. Evaluating the present annual water budget of a Himalayan headwater river basin using a high-resolution atmosphere-hydrology model. 2016.
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