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Mai Camilla Munkejord works as a Research professor (forsker I) at the Uni Research Rokkan Centre in Bergen and as a Professor at the Dept of Child Welfare and Social Work at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway (UiT AUN). She is a Social Scientist specialized in Social Anthropology. She has published nationally and internationally on elderly care, migrant care workers in rural Norway, rural counter-migration, (sense of) place, gender, masculinities, immigrant entrepreneurship in a rural context, local and transnational practices of immigrant entrepreneurs, masculinities/fathering, and work-life balance. She currently works within care research, in particular with innovation in home-based elderly care in remote parts of Norway, as well as with recruitment and inclusion of migrant care workers in Norwegian nursing homes.



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  • Munkejord, Mai Camilla Lokalsamfunnets betydning i innvandreres fortellinger om å starte egen virksomhet. I: Lokalsamfunn. Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2016 ISBN 9788202514310.. pages 430-446
  • Munkejord, Mai Camilla Rural immigrant entrepreneurship: An arena for new constructions of gender in Finnmark, northernmost Norway. I: Remapping Gender, Place and Mobility: Global Confluences and Local Particularities in Nordic Peripheries. Ashgate 2015 ISBN 978-1-4724-2969-8.. pages 159-173
  • Munkejord, Mai Camilla Stories of Butterflies in Winterland: Representations of Northern Coastal Realities in Norway. I: Gender and Rural Migration. Realities, Conflict and Change. Routledge 2014 ISBN 0415817382.. pages 23-41


  • Grimsrud, Gro Marit; Munkejord, Mai Camilla Kommunalt tilflyttings- og inkluderingsarbeid. Kartlegging av bruk av kunnskap fra Distriktssenteret og eksempler på nyskapende arbeid. Uni Research Rokkansenteret 2016. 77 pages

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  • Munkejord, Mai Camilla Migrant care workers in Norwegian nursing homes. Findings from a study in Finnmark.. 2017.
  • Munkejord, Mai Camilla ForKommune - Nytt forskningsprogram for kommunene. 2017.
  • Munkejord, Mai Camilla ForKommune - nye forskningsmuligheter for kommunal sektor. 2017.
  • Munkejord, Mai Camilla Ageing and care policies in Norway. 2017.
  • Munkejord, Mai Camilla; Schönfelder, Walter; Eggebø, Helga Home-based care for the elderly in remote parts of Northern Norway. 2017.
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