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Ole Martin Lægreid is a political scientist with a major in comparative politics from the University of Bergen 2012 and he has a PhD in political science from the University of Gothenburg 2017. Lægreid has worked as a researcher at Rokkansenteret since 2017. His thesis examined the country-level relationship between economic growth and greenhouse gas emissions between 1970 and 2012 - and whether this relationship varies between countries with different political and institutional traits (i.e., democracy, corruption, veto points and civil society activity). His research interests include environment- and climate politics, resource economics, environmental psychology and social scientific methods.



Other publications

  • Lægreid, Ole Martin; Tvinnereim, Endre Explaining variation in energy and emission taxes: Interactions of political economy, electoral systems, and environmental policy. 2018.
  • Tvinnereim, Endre; Fløttum, Kjersti; Lægreid, Ole Martin Norwegian citizens' conception of energy and energy transition. 2017.
  • Tvinnereim, Endre; Lægreid, Ole Martin CO2 pricing: Economics, energy security, and implications for climate models. 2017.
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