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I obtained my PhD from Columbia University in 2010 and, after a one year postdoc at the University of North Carolina, moved to Bergen in 2011. My interests are broad and cover many aspects of the climate system from large-scale climate dynamics to small-scale convective phenomena. I am currently engaged in research on the atmospheric circulation, storm track dynamics, teleconnections, their variability and their responses to both naturally and anthropogenically forced climate change. I am also leading a number of projects focused on regional to local climate variability and change. These involve regional downscaling using dynamical and combined dynamical-statistical approaches. Due to the applied nature of these studies I have also taken an interest in how climate information is produced and used by society.  As a result I am, therefore, quite heavily involved in  the nascent fields of  climate information distillation and climate services science.



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  • Sorteberg, Asgeir; Haddeland, Ingjerd; Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter; Haugen, Jan Erik; Wong, Wai Kwok Evaluation of distribution mapping based bias correction methods. Norwegian Centre for Climate Services (NCCS) 2015. 23 pages Norwegian Centre for Climate Services Reports(1)

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  • Siew, Yu Feng; Li, Camille; Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter; King, Martin Peter Dynamics of Arctic-Midlatitude Teleconnections. 2018.
  • King, Martin Peter; Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter; Li, Camille Coupled modes of Barents sea ice and atmospheric anomalies in autumn and winter. 2018.
  • King, Martin Peter; Yu, Entao; Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter; Otterå, Odd Helge; Gao, Yongqi A search for robust impacts of Pacific Ocean SST on Asian hydroclimate in the last millennium. 2018.
  • Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter; Li, Camille; King, Martin Peter Links between strong ENSO events and late fall Barents-Kara climate. 2018.
  • Siew, Yu Feng; Li, Camille; Sobolowski, Stefan Pieter; King, Martin Peter Causal Effect Networks for Arctic-midlatitude teleconnections. 2018.
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