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I am a terrestrial ecosystem ecologist and modeler interested in ecosystem carbon dynamics and climate feedbacks. I have an interdisciplinary  background in remote sensing, environmental science and bioclimatology. I study the biophysical and biogeochemical processes within vegetation, soil and atmosphere as well as the impacts of natural and human perturbations of the environment (e.g. permafrost thawing, drought, deforestation, agricultural expansion) at site to global scales. My current work mainly focuses on permafrost carbon-climate feedbacks in the Arctic and land surface modeling development (PERMANOR project). I also have broad interests in land use change, conservation biology and renewable energy.



Other publications

  • Lee, Hanna; Ekici, Altug; Robson, Benjamin Aubrey; Fan, Yuanchao; Westermann, Sebastian; Langer, Moritz Vulnerability of permafrost thaw and the emerging risks for the Arctic infrastructure. 2018.
  • Chadburn, Sarah; Fan, Yuanchao; Aalto, Tuula; Aurela, Mika; Bartsch, Annett; Boike, Julia; Burke, Eleanor; Christiansen, Casper Tai; Comyn-platt, Edward; Dolman, A. johannes; Friborg, Thomas; Gedney, Nicola; Hayman, Garry; Holl, David; Hugelius, Gustaf; Van huissteden, Ko j.; Jammet, Mathilde; Kutzbach, Lars; Lee, Hanna; Lohila, Annalea; Marushchak, Maija e.; Parmentier, Frans-jan; Richter, Andreas; Sachs, Torsten; Shurpali, Narasinha j. Including microbial dynamics is essential for modelling Arctic methane emissions. 2018.
  • Fan, Yuanchao; Ekici, Altug; Tjiputra, Jerry; Muri, Helene Impacts of future radiation management scenarios on terrestrial carbon dynamics. 2017.
  • Fan, Yuanchao; Lee, Hanna; Ekici, Altug Modeling biophysical and biogeochemical processes in vulnerable ecosystems under global climate change: thawing permafrost landscapes in the Arctic. 2017.
  • Fan, Yuanchao; Christiansen, Casper Tai; Lee, Hanna Soil biogeochemical processes and modelling of terrestrial ecosystems under climate change. 2017.
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