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Book chapters

  • Andersen, Gidske Leknæs bidragsyter i ulike kapittel i boken. I: Conserving Dryland Biodiversity. International Union for the Conservation of Nature 2012 ISBN 978-2-8317-1541-4..
  • Andersen, Gidske Leknæs Vegetation and Management Regime Continuity in the Cultural Landscape of the Eastern Desert. I: The History of the Peoples of the Eastern Desert. Cotsen Institute of Arcaeology Press 2012 ISBN 978-1931745963.. pages 126-139
  • Zinke, Peggy; Sauterleute, Julian; Pulg, Ulrich Hydraulic charactersistics of a spawning reach in the river Daleelva, Western Norway. I: 9th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (ISE 2012) Proceedings. Wien: ISE Local Organization Commitee 2012 ISBN 978-3-200-02862-3..