Project Department: Uni Research CIPR (group: Geosciences) period: 12.12.14 - 31.12.17

About the project

SAFARI (Sedimentary Architecture of Field Analogues for Reservoir Information) is an on-going research project at Uni Research CIPR and the University of Aberdeen, currently supported by a consortium of 13 oil companies, the Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. The overall goal of the SAFARI project is to develop a fully searchable, secure, web-based repository of geological outcrop data from clastic sedimentary systems, for reservoir modelling, exploration and to improve understanding of sequence stratigraphy. The original SAFARI project began over 20 years ago, and was one of the first projects to systematically collect outcrop data for improved understanding of reservoirs. Since 2009, the VOG Group has been updating the original project to include state-of-the-art digital outcrop mapping and visualisation methods, searchable geometric data and knowledge base. The project is currently in its third phase. For more information please visit our website:


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