ICOS-Norway / OTC - Integrated Carbon Observation System

Project Department: Uni Research Climate (groups: Biogeochemistry, Biogeochemical Oceanography) period: 01.04.16 - 31.03.21

About the project

ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) is a European Research Infrastructure programme that was created to establish a greenhouse gas observation system enabling high quality climate change research and increase usability of the research data. ICOS builds a network of measurements of key Greenhouse Gas concentrations on land, sea and air, at various sites, and integrates the data into a single, coherent, data product.

ICOS-Norway is the integrated Norwegian component of ICOS. The infrastructure will, after installation and updates of measurement instrumentation, deliver high-quality carbon data from different sites and platforms from Norwegian territories. These include towers for air measurements in southern Norway and at Svalbard, a forest station in south-eastern Norway, and the use of two research ships and two commercial ships in the North Atlantic, the Nordic Seas, and areas around Svalbard. When everything is up and running at these sites all data will be thoroughly quality controlled. Data from the various platforms will be integrated and made available, in usable format, to carbon system scientists and various interested parties such as research communities, national agencies, oil and energy companies, and fisheries.

Norway will also co-host the ICOS OTC (Ocean Thematic Centre) in co-operation with the UK. Norwegian scientists have long experience in developing and coordinating ocean carbon measurements through international high quality data efforts on surface and deep-ocean carbon data, and this experience will be used within OTC. The activities include quality labelling of different marine ICOS stations, training, and quality control and distribution of data from the ICOS network.

ICOS builds a network conducting standardized, long-term, high precision measurements of key Greenhouse Gas concentrations. The infrastructure integrates terrestrial, oceanic and atmospheric observations at various sites into a single, coherent, precise data product. ICOS contributes to the implementation of the Integrated Global Carbon Observation and Analysis System.

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Partners: NILU, NIBIO, UiB, Havforskningsinstituttet, CICERO, Polarinstituttet

News: The Norwegian branch of ICOS is finally opened


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