PostClim - Post-Processing Climate Projection Output for Key Users in Norway

Project Department: Uni Research Climate (groups: Regional Climate & Climate Services, Climate Impacts on Nature and Society) period: 01.07.16 - 30.06.19

About the project

Long-term planning and decision-making in the context of climate impacts, adaptation and vulnerability requires information on future climate and potential risks that are tailored to the individual stakeholder's needs. In PostClim, partners from the Norwegian Centre for Climate Services will join forces with decision-makers from Norwegian municipalities and the agricultural sector to produce appropriate climate projections for decision-making under an uncertain future climate.

To this aim, post-processing techniques for statistical downscaling and bias adjustment will be employed, and further developed as necessary, to bridge the gap between the raw output from global and regional climate model and the needs of the decision-makers. A number of different techniques will be validated according to criteria that are important for the stakeholders. The further development of the methods will also be based upon user needs.

Earlier experiences indicated that the impact of climate change on stream floods and the flooding pattern in general are import and for the planning of infrastructure. PostClim thus includes hydrological modelling.


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