IGNEX - Interglacials and glacials - natural experiments in biodiversity dynamics

Project Department: Uni Research Climate (group: Climate Variability) period: 01.01.17 - 31.12.18

About the project

There are three major ecological hypotheses to explain community structure - extrinsic environment control, intrinsic interactions, and neutral dynamics. Testing of these requires long-term data that, thanks to major advances in Quaternary science and geochronology, are available from continuous sequences of alternating interglacial and glacial stages from Greece, NE Russia, and Colombia, covering the last 3.5 million years. Numerical methods are used to detect major compositional patterns, taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic diversity, and compositional turnover for each interglacial and glacial-interglacial couplet.

Results from these analyses will permit the testing of the three major ecological hypotheses:
1) that contingency ('historical legacies') is important in long-term dynamics,
2) that interglacials differ in their composition and biodiversity, 
3) that vegetational assemblages have no long temporal continuity.

The project consists of 14 researchers and two MSc students from six countries.

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