Project Department: Uni Research Computing (group: Language and Language Technology Group)

About the project

CLARINO (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure Norway) is a Norwegian infrastructure project jointly funded by the Research Council of Norway (under contract 208375) and by a consortium of Norwegian universities and research institutions. Its goal is to implement the Norwegian part of CLARIN, making existing and future language resources easily accessible for researchers and to bring eScience to humanities disciplines.
Within this project, any researcher will gain access through his local username to a vast body of language resources including e.g. speech recordings, literary and historic archives, linguistic corpora, etc. This implies not only accessing a catalog of all language resources in Europe, but also being able to perform searches based on metadata (e.g. "Give me all recordings where female teenagers talk in a non-native language").
The Computational Language Unit at Uni Computing has a central role in the project through the development of the Corpuscle system for online corpus operation and analysis as part of this infrastructure, the creation of the Clarino B-center (having successfully passed the CLARIN centre assessment procedure officially carrying the CLARIN B centre label) and an Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI), as well as converting and documenting a wide variety not widely available corpus. In particular, ICAME corpora are made available through Corpuscle and CLARINO.



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