Project Department: Uni Research Computing (group: Language and Language Technology Group)

About the project

The LEXIN dictionary project was started in 1996 by the Norwegian Term Bank, a precursor to CLU and has been continuously funded by the Ministry of Education and Research since 1998.

The project is aligned with a Swedish project of the same name. LEXIN dictionaries are the first online dictionaries designed specifically for minority languages in Norway with users who may have little or no dictionary experience: thus they are illustrated and simple to use. The first Norwegian online dictionary was published in 2002. Currently, there are online dictionaries from Bokmål and Nynorsk to about fifteen languages and printed dictionaries (sold in bookstores) from Bokmål to six languages. Several new dictionaries are under planning.

LEXIN involves both philologists and programmers who work in close cooperation, e.g. in the development of an online editor for multilingual dictionary content, and a novel user interface with interactive links between words and images. In 2008 the project won the Rosing Prize (Rosingprisen) in languages ​​from The Norwegian Computer Society (Den norske dataforening) and The Language Council of Norway.

You can read more on the project website where you can also access the online dictionaries free of charge: www.udir.no/lexin

The printed editions are sold at book stores.

Project manager:
Tove Bjørneset, philologist / lexicographer
Project team members:
Øystein Reigem, programmer
Sindre Sørensen, software developer


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