Project Department: Uni Research Computing (group: Environmental Flow Group)

About the project

Extreme winds and waves for offshore turbines: Coupling atmosphere and wave modelling for design and operation in coastal zones


Participating institutions:

  • Denmarks Tekniske Universitet - DTU Wind Energy Department (Project management)
  • DHI Water and Environment
  • Uni Research Computing

The major objective of the project is to develop a new model system for accurate forecasting of waves and winds during storms by coupling the most advanced atmospheric, wave and oceanic models. This is for better design of turbines, more secure operation and more cost-efficient maintenance for offshore wind farms.

The research is targeted at the investigation of the coupling strategies for the models and parameterization of the marine atmospheric and oceanic boundary layers. The atmospheric model is the mesoscale Weather Research and Forecasting model and its Large Eddy Simulation mode, WRF-LES. The wave model is the DHI MIKE 21 SW model and the ocean model is the DHI MIKE 3 model.

The close cooperation between DTU, DHI and Uni.Research of Bergen University gathers together the expertise in the atmospheric modelling, wave and oceanic modelling and the coupling with the direction of wind energy and wave load application for the offshore environment. The expected results include coupled forecast system for strong wind and wave conditions, new approaches for coupling, improved description of the extreme wind and waves in the Danish coastal zones and a better understanding of the impact of coastal waves on the wind profile.


Research Topics

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