Project Department: Uni Research Environment (group: Molecular Ecology) period: 01.05.12 - 30.04.16

About the project

MINOS: Microbial Network OrganiSation 

(ERC Advanced grant 2011-2015; UiB Dept. of Biology Prof. Frede Thingstad)

Marine microbes are a remaining «white spot» in our knowledge of the world, although they are crucial to human welfare. They are responsible for 50% of global primary production and is the basis for nearly all other marine life. They shape the interface between the ocean’s chemistry and biology, control the fate and effect of marine pollutants, and represent an enormous genetic potential (ca 2000 km DNA per liter).

In spite of their importance we know little about the mechanisms behind the complex organization of the microbial network in the ocean, and MINOS aims at understanding these mechanisms. My main focus within MINOS relates to phytoplankton and their relationships with grazers and viruses.

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