Project Department: Uni Research Environment (group: Molecular Ecology) period: 27.03.17 - 30.04.20

About the project

TaxMArc: Diversity, taxonomy and distribution of marine protists in a changing Arctic

Research project funded by Research Council Norway (project no.  268286/GMR), led by University of Oslo.

Duration: May 2017-April 2020

Uni Research Environment role: Contact for UiO-NMH. Contribute with metadata from MicroPolar (!/project/225956/no) and microbial ecology expertise and advise.


The main goal of TaxMArc is to describe marine protist diversity and distributions in the Arctic Oceans, and to develop tools to be able to detect changes in community structure, dynamics and functioning by molecular methods.



1. Identify and describe protist taxa and diversity in samples from the Arctic Ocean

2. Obtain rDNA reference sequences from protists that have not yet been cultivated or sequenced

3. Establish cultured strains of marine Arctic protists

4. Describe Artic protists that are poorly known and insufficiently described, including novel species.

5. Improve DNA sequence reference databases for Arctic protists

6. Improve our knowledge and understanding of the influence of environmental factors and changes in the Arctic Ocean on protist community composition and structure

7. Assess geographical distributions of Arctic marine protists

8. Produce a flora/fauna as a common taxonomic reference

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