Expanded follow-up - measures in own right. Follow-up research on usage and the impact of job specialists in self-government

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (group: Health and Welfare ) period: 05.01.18 - 03.01.20

About the project

In the spring of 2017, NAV Troms will launch a pilot project called "Enhanced follow-up - measures in own right", which will be implemented at NAV Tromsø and NAV Harstad. The measure will be followed by a team from NAV Troms. As a central part of the initiative, there is established a team of job specialists who will work for SE methodology for supported employment in English. The SE methodology assumes that inclusion challenges must be sought in the ordinary workplace (rather than in "shielded businesses"), and requires supervisors (job specialists) with knowledge, skills and attitudes such as ability to support both jobseekers and employers so that people with need for assistance can participate in the just ordinary work.

This study focuses on NAV's thematic focus area Innovation and Learning, where the purpose is to increase knowledge about how to best develop NAV as a learning organization. Through the use of qualitative and quantitative methods, and through dialogue with the follow-up team in NAV Troms, this study will more specifically reveal the experiences and effects of the Enhanced Follow-up, Measures in Own Trends in NAV Troms. The study will help to reinforce the learning potential of the measure by, among other things, writing the results of the measure through preparation of recommendations for further organization of SE-inspired work, as well as through various dissemination measures.

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