Norwegian language tuition for persons in asylum centers

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (group: Health and Welfare ) period: 14.12.15 - 31.03.16

Project results

This report examines the Norwegian language training provided to adult residents in asylum reception centers. The project is commissioned by the Directorate for Integration and Diversity (IMDI) and conducted by Uni Research Rokkan Centre in collaboration with ideas2evidence.

The aim of the project is twofold. On the one hand, it gathers information about the organization and the quality of the language training provided and the administrative organization of the funding schemes. On the other hand, the report, on the basis of this knowledge acquisition, discusses and evaluates how municipalities can maintain and further develop their language training courses, particularly in light of the rise in asylum arrivals. The report also discusses and suggests how the administration of the funding schemes can be improved. The focus of this report is primarily on how external conditions such as legal regulations, national curriculum, funding schemes as local conditions and prioritizations affect the inner framework of the adult language training centres’ activities such as the organization of classes and week schedule. This in turn will have implications for teaching and learning.

Norwegian language tuition provided to adult residents in asylum reception centers involves two different public funding schemes. First, asylum seekers awaiting an answer to their asylum application can receive 175 lessons, if the host municipality chooses to offer this service. A resident at an asylum reception centre who has been granted asylum, or is allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds, but who are still waiting for settlement in a municipality, has the right and obligation to participate in 600 lessons in Norwegian language and social studies in accordance with the Introduction Act. Residents at asylum reception centres are only one of several categories of adult migrants with a right and/or obligation to Norwegian language training and social studies according to this Act. The language training is funded by the government, and each municipality is remunerated for providing free tuition. The funding is allocated by the Directorate for Integration and Diversity (IMDI). The report examines the language tuition, and funding schemes, for both categories of residents at reception centres, and draws on data obtained from questionnaires sent to asylum reception centres, approved language training centres and local authorities in Norway. In addition, case studies were carried out in four different municipalities. Here interviews were conducted with employees at asylum reception centres, approved language training centres, and local authorities.

Final report:

[2-2016Kari Anne K . Drangsland, Malin Dahle og Marry-Anne KarlsenNorskopplæring for personer i asylmottak.

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