Research project on the implementation of increased pedagogy density in kindergarten. A survey of Kanvas kindergartens and municipal kindergartens in Bergen

Project Department: Uni Research Rokkan Centre (group: Democracy, Civil Society and Public Administration) period: 15.05.17 - 19.06.19

About the project

The project is a comparative study of Kanvas kindergartens and municipal kindergartens in Bergen. The objective of the project is two-fold.

Firstly, the project will investigate what characterizes quality in kindergartens with 50% share of kindergarten teachers.

Secondly, the project will explore conditions and working methods that provide good quality associated with the implementation of 50% share of kindergarten teachers.

Project leader is Anne Homme at the Uni Research Rokkan Centre. Helene Marie Kjærgård Eide, Associate Professor​ at the Department of Education, at the University of Bergen is also involved in the project.

All kindergartens are characterized by formal and informal structures. By increasing the proportion of kindergarten teachers, both formal and informal structures are challenged. Childcare in Norway is also characterized by differences, they vary with regard to physical design, organization and the environment (if they are in a competitive situation, the source of income they have, ownership management and local child welfare authority).

Children's experience with increased pedagogy density will thus depend on both structure and culture. To better understand how increased proportion of kindergarten teachers influence practices and raise quality in kindergartens, there is a need for more knowledge about how division of labor, management and organization changes and adaptation in the individual kindergarten.

There will be conducted in-depth studies with kindergarten management and kindergarten teachers in eight kindergartens, four canvas kindergartens with 50% educators and four municipal kindergartens with 50% pedagogues (kindergartens in pilot projects), all in Bergen municipality.

Client: KANVAS

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