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Eivind Bastesen is a senior researcher in the geoscience group of CIPR. He holds a PhD in structural petroleum geoscience from Uni Research/University of Bergen, Norway (2010). His research interest include structural geology, faults, fractures, tectonics, faults analysis in carbonate rocks, basement reservoirs, geothermal energy, ground water and CO2 storage.

Current projects includes characterization and mapping of the complex fractured basement rocks in western Norway, geothermal reservoirs in Mexico and monitoring leakage of CO2 in reservoirs. Better understanding of geothermal reservoirs:

- Anigma

- GEMex 

- DAS CCS storage

Project proposals:

A list over projects that are currently under development, we are interested in collaboration and financial support:

  • Carbonate fault analysis: fault seal analysis of carbonate reservoirs.
  • LabFrac: Field laboratory of fractured basement rocks
  • Carbas: Characterization of basement reservoirs



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  • Zuluaga, Luisa Fernanda; Rotevatn, Atle; Fumagalli, Alessio; Keilegavlen, Eirik; Nixon, Casey William; Peacock, David; Bastesen, Eivind Outcrop fracture characterization for geothermal reservoirs: challenges in optimizing inputs for reservoir models. 2018.
  • Dolva, Benjamin; Buckley, Simon John; Bastesen, Eivind Application of drones and 3D modelling in geological and environmental sciences. 2018.
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