Protection of Caprock Integrity for Large-Scale CO2 Storage "PROTECT"

Prosjekt Avdeling: Uni Research CIPR (gruppe: Reservoir Simulation)

Om prosjektet

The PROTECT project is a 3-year project funded by the CLIMIT program of the Norwegian Research Council, Total Norge, Statoil, RWE DEA Norge, ConocoPhilips, CGG Veritas, and Lundin. The research partners form collaborative consortium of the top Norwegian institutions involved in CO2 storage research--Uni Research CIPR, University of Bergen, University of Oslo, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute and the Institute for Energy Technology. Several international institutions are collaborators with the project.


Since April 2014, the PROTECT team has sought to better understand the ability of the caprock to safely and effectively contain CO2 in large, industrial-scale storage projects. The project will study typical storage environments in the North Sea that have large storage capacity for injected CO2. We will address concerns that injection rates of tens of millions tons per year can overpressurize the storage complex, inducing damaging stress on the caprock and causing unwanted leakage.

PROTECT emphasizes the integration of data acquisition, laboratory experiments and computational studies to advance new knowledge in our understanding of caprock integrity. The primary objective of the PROTECT project is to understand the impact of geomechanics, flow and chemistry on caprock integrity in order to ensure injectivity, maximize storage capacity and protect against CO2 leakage from large-scale injection operations. The project is divided into 5 work packages:

More information can be found at the project website:

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