Prosjekt Avdeling: Uni Research Miljø (gruppe: Anvendt Bioteknologi) periode: 01.11.16 - 01.03.19

Om prosjektet

CO2FOOD focusses on the production of phototrophic microalgae as a nutritious EPA and DHA ingredient in aquaculture feed.

The overarching hypotheses of the project are:

  • microalgae production of EPA and DHA fatty acids will be optimized
  • EPA- and DHA-rich microalgae biomass can be a nutritious feed component
  • An integrated value chain approach will optimize microalgae for feed application
  • Strong industry involvement and tecno-economic analyses will provide guidance
  • Demonstration of the value chain at scale will make a significant step forward

Novel microalgae strains have been isolated from Norwegian fjords and sub-arctic coastal and oceanic waters. These strains will be compared with benchmark species that have already proven to be suitable species for aquaculture feed. Based on input from industry feed-experts the requested requirements with regard to quality for feed will be defined, such as biomass composition, nutrient value, format and other parameters. Many of these characteristics are strain specific, but also dependent on the culture conditions (light, temperature, nutrient availability). Therefore, these culture conditions will be tested first at lab scale to determine the best strains in combination with the best cultivation prodecures to optimise for EPA and DHA productivity. Once these parameters have been determined at lab scale, they will be translated to pilot scale. Large quantities of biomass of the selected strains will be produced and futher processed for testing in aquafeed. A techno-economical analysis, combined with the added value of microalgae as aquafeed source and further detailed information from a market analysis, will determine the next possible steps for exploitation of the project results.


Partners in this project are: the University of Bergen, CO2BIO, Nofima, Wageningen UR, EWOS and NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster. The project is funded by Innovation Norway, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and CO2BIO AS.


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